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No wonder you can’t type, trying to do that on your flip phone. LOL

I never had a flip fone either.

■■■■ Robert join us in the 21st century.

Jug, I have a smart fone, just never had an iPhone. My first fone was just not a flip fone. They had flip fone then. It’s funny a guy named jug thinks he is in the rite century

Trailer park residents can’t afford an iPhone? Color me shocked.

I weigh calves by measuring their foot, I can look up complete cow records on my phone 4 miles from a county road and can tell you how much marbling and what size ribeye a calf will have before I turn the bull in with the cows.
I think I know what century I’m in.

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Ok, Jug.

Sure cupcake. What ever floats ur boat.

Then he euthanizes his healthy cows because they weren’t as big as the one he hoped to get 10 years ago. This is also why his wife left him.

Hay jug how do u use a fone 4 miles from u. Did they not teach u how to weight cows from sight in meats.
Jug most teenage can look at a calf and tell u the same thing. With as much chit u spead I would thing u need more time to shovel Jug.

This actually explains a lot. I bet you were around in the 0-10-1 season weren’t you? You remember the worst days of OSU football so what we have today feels great to you.

Yes I do remember those days. And farther back to the jj years. My first disappointments of osu football was jj not score on first and goal from the 1, against sdsu.
So I have seen an overrated coach.