One Question

One Question

• If OSU joined the Pac-12 or stayed in the Big 12, which league would they win more titles in over the next ten years?

Until we have a a different coach, I’m not convinced that there will be any more titles over the next ten years. I think it will take a coach who has a new play that could catch a team off guard. If you never do anything new and unexpected, it makes it easier to prepare against you.

What was those new plays they ran against Miami. If Sanders or Shane have made enough improvement u will see more plays. Ur like a lil puppy that tries to play with the cat. Gets ur ess kick then u forget and come back for more.

I didn’t see a new play against Miami.

See this is why no one believes what u say. They know ur knowledge is best used behind a horse with a shovel.

There wasn’t a single play that hadn’t been run by a Gundy team before.

U do know no coach actually makes new plays. Miami never saw presley before. U never played football or even chest. Like I said keep ur day job, Jug.

That shows how little you know about football. Lincoln Riley actually designs new plays. But I’m not asking Gundy to design anything. He needs to watch some team like Kansas city, see what they do with Hill and do the same thing with Presley. Steal something new.

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“No coach makes new plays”:joy::joy::joy::joy:. Adding that to your list.

Ok guys. Variation of a play are still the same play.
Ur like those it’s on home shopping network. U see this product, thinking hey that’s new. No it’s just the first time u saw it.

They throw the ball to hill if they can. What in the hell are u talking about. Any way presley had 3 td in one game how many times did or has hill done that. Jug, u and tomato slice can go tailgate in norman.

They may be variations of the same play but are unique in their design to cause mismatch in the defense.

Oklahoma would frequently use formations that forced defensive backs to play in the box and take on blocks rather than playing in space where they’re comfortable. One way the Sooners would do this is by using motions against 4-2-5 teams that would force the smaller nickel defender to bump inside the box, while the slower linebacker was forced to run out of the box chasing the man in motion.

What the hell. U really r the stupidest person on this site, no ever. So riley invent to mismatch concept, man in motion and getting a faster player on a lb.

He didn’t invent the concept he designed the plays to make defenses do what he wants.
You really should learn to read so you could read all the articles about Riley. It’s a good change to reading about a dumb ace racist coach.

Jug, only u would read about riley.

Here’s a handy guide for you.

Gundy wins:

  • OSU fan: happy
  • Hater troll: angry, looks for reasons we should have lost

Gundy loses:

  • OSU fan: bummed out
  • Hater troll: happy, but will say they’re frustrated

OSU plays poorly:

  • OSU fan: hopeful for improvement
  • Hater troll: launches into rant

OSU plays well:

  • OSU fan: amped up
  • Hater troll: bummed out because Gundy will keep his job

Knowledge of history:

  • OSU fan: Knows we’re in our most successful stretch in program history
  • Hater troll: Thinks we used to be Alabama before Gundy got here/lives in an alternate reality where changing coaches makes your program instantly better despite the examples of Texas and Nebraska and Michigan and USC repeatedly hiring highly-coveted up-and-comers and getting worse

Level of education:

  • OSU fan: OSU graduate
  • Hater troll: OSU t-shirt owner

Likelihood of turning a thread about swimming into a rant about Mike Gundy’s recruiting ranking:

  • OSU fan: minute
  • Hater troll: 110%
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Thats funny chit sad but true.

Wow talk about living in the past, are you still celebrating the last Packers Super Bowl or the Cardinals last World Series?

Jug, how r u making those connections. R u just throw💩 all over the place.

The last time they won anything was 2011! You know, back when Gundy had only been a man for 4 years. When you were learning to use your 4s iPhone.

I never had an ifone.