One Stat That Shows Just How Good Kenny Gajewski Has Been for OSU Softball

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On Kenny G and all the right tunes he’s played since arriving in 2016.

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This team could absolutely win it all.

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Gajewski’s done an incredible job, but let’s also give up some kudos to pitching coach and former TU head coach, John Bargfeldt, who coaches our pitchers.

I just found out the other day Gajewski played baseball at OU.

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Was on the 1994 squad that won the CWS.

The seeded teams have fallen like rocks. 1, 7 8or9 and 14. These are the seed

Can you please name the teams? Cause I don’t know the team seeds.

Ou is 1 we are 7
Florida is 14.
Northwestern is 8 play Arizona state is 9 only the winner advance.
I forgot ucla at 5.
Arizona Texas and Oregon St. We’re not ranked.
I can remember if they reseed at once or keep the same bracket. If the keep the same bracket we will play Arizona first. With Oregon st and Florida.

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Thanks, Rob.