Opinion: Bonding Over Oklahoma State

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How OSU sports can bring people together from all over.

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I’d choose Cade over Justice Hill any day. Justice has done nothing but trash OSU since he left.

But for the most part, yes I do get more excited for the NFL OSU stuff than NBA.


What did Justice Hill say?

He was behind Hubbard’s deal. Not sure if he actually said anything specific.

Mayes has forgotten about gundy’s butt comments.
He was taking how proud he is on what gundy is doing.

I’d pick Cade too. Every other basketball guy to come from Ok State and make the league in the past…30 years…had their niche, but weren’t a superstar. Lindy-3-point sniper just now getting his chance. JL3–a backup at best, was a serviceable 3rd team PG who could hit a pull up 15 footer. Desmond-dunk contest winner…not known for much else. Jawun Evans-not even sure he’s still in the league. Tony Allen-Grindfather, relentless defender, not much offense…same goes for Marcus Smart. Brooks Thompson is the last one I can think of who truly put up numbers for any extended period of time. Maybe Byron Houston…

But Cade has a chance to put up numbers never before seen from an Ok State alum in basketball. He’s literally historical.

Whereas in football, GOAT and Thurminator both made it to Canton, OH. No other runningback from Ok St. has come close. We’ve had a few good to great o-linemen. Lane Taylor, Russ Okung, Jamal Williams…a few d-line Ogbah, Vincent Taylor, Kevin Williams…no great linebackers…a few corners and safeties sprinkled in. But GOAT and Thurman set a standard long ago in NFL that no one from Stilly has touched. Cade is just now the standard. So I pick Cade.