Oregon State Game Predictions

Predict the final score of the Oregon State. I’ll say:

Oklahoma State: 48
Oregon State: 20

Good OSU: 59
Inferior OSU: 17

I’ll go further and say we get 1 ST or defensive TD, we net 5+ sacks and at least one 40 yard+ TD

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OklahomaSU - 31
OregonSU - 14
I think we win fairly easily and cover the spread, but not a complete throttling.

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Good Guys: 34
Bad Guys: 3

I agree with that. Our new QBs are probably going to have some jitters, mainly Spence.

45-27 Cowboy orange and black

Pokes 36, Beavers 13

Chuba goes for 180
QB stats #blah
Stoner goes for 120

Solid opener but leaves lots of questions…

Pokes 21
Beavers 13

The offense sputters behind an unclear QB situation, but Chuba breaks out for 100 yards and a TD and the defense manages to hold the Beavers on the last two drives to seal a concerning win.

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Beavers 24
Cowboys 41

Chuba goes off

Beavers have been hit with the injury bug at the wrong time.

And you think they still score 24?

Unfortunately, until Knowles shows something different on D yes. I mean don’t get me wrong their offense moved the ball last yr on people. Just being optimistic for the first game. Hoping our D shows up in a big way and shuts them out though.


Pokes 45 Beavers 24
Pokes up 28 to 10 at half

There will be a D/ST touchdown

Our QBs will combine for 300 pass yards, 75 rush yards and 4 total TDs.

Players everyone will be taking about after:
Tom Hutton – bombs a 70 yard punt.


47 - 30 good guys.

I tend to agree with Vegasox - I see a higher scoring game - we win 45-33

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Pokes win 42 -16.

Hubbard goes off and has a long of 60+ yards, finishing the night with 115 yards. Would love to see a ST TD.

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Their receiving corps is really good. It’s not out of the question.

52-35 Pokes.

I like several of the arguments regarding close games, but there’s just no way we don’t hang half-a-hundred on 'em. As bad as our D has been, look across the field. Straight dumpster fire.

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Pokes: 48
Wrong Interlocking OS: 17

Let the Dru Brown Era begin.

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Pokes 31
Beavers 24

I’m way high on a death-by-crushing against the OSU Imitators.

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