OSU a Touchdown Underdog on Saturday against Texas

Originally published at: OSU a Touchdown Underdog on Saturday against Texas | Pistols Firing

OSU is a home underdog for the sixth time since 2016.

Vegas smells blood in the water.

We might see Gunnar in the game at some point if SS’s injury is worse after the TCU game and he can hardly throw. I say this because Gundy said they can’t be one dimensional again. I know Gundy does not want to make his son look bad, but we need someone who is healthy enough to complete passes and also throw deep. If we have to rely primarily on the run game, then we lose. So we have nothing to lose by Gunnar coming in at some point to throw. The season is a bust without SS healthy. If they keep him in there primarily to run on some plays, then he is going to get hurt even further. Gundy said Texas has NFL guys for defense and they are big, and Texas does not use any undersized guys. Crunch! Injuries might increase from this game.

Yea wonder what Vegas knows?

The big question is how injured does SS have to be for the coaches to put in QB2. Over the years I’ve seen a lot of coaches leave a hobbled QB on the field rather than put in the back up. Tells me that in general there is a pretty big premium placed on QB1. So it comes down to Gundy’s/Dunn’s tolerance of the level of play that will be afforded by a particular injury to QB1.

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Idk how this means something off the wall with the way most people worship recruiting rankings on here. If they mean that much Texas should be favored double digits every year

Vegas is just trying to get money on both sides of the line. The Texas fanboys are going to bet this up because the media is talking Texas up and their (much larger) fanbase is overconfident. I would bet the smart money betters start spiking this down by gameday. I don’t put my money on things I can’t control, but if I did, my only hesitation in taking those points would be Spencer’s health.

With it being his son, you have politics to deal with.
1.) If he puts Gunnar, you get questions of did he give his son a shot that he shouldn’t have and…
2.) If he puts Gunnar in and he loses, he’s turning the fanbase on his son who really wouldn’t be to blame.

@jake4 Yea I can see your point. For me I wouldn’t suspect nepotism in this case since there is injury involved.