OSU Baseball: Cowboys Clinch Series with 13-3 Victory against West Virginia

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OSU has yet to drop a Big 12 series.

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Great game we need this. Osmond has been great last few starts. Just can’t get through the 7th.
We a top the big 12. Crazy week perseason texas is 6 and 6. Ksu took 2 from them. Tech got swept. 7 and 5
Tcu 10 and 5.
We got tcu coming in next need to take these series.


Always great to take the series. Keep it up!


Good reply to a not so good performance yesterday. Someone lit a fire to the bats. Osmond has looked like a day 2 starter

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It seems that college games go as the pitching goes. If OSU faces pitchers that have their stuff, then our bats are silent. But when facing struggling pitching, Cowboy bats come alive. I remember the arguments back in the mid-sixties while watching Chicago Cubs games that good pitching trumps good hitting. As far as the bleached blond big surfer, G.D., you would think that the coaches would already have told him to just make contact with the ball and stop trying to swing for the fences on every pitch. Not a hard concept to teach. Way too many strikeouts. If we have a good pitcher, but he can’t make it thru the 7th inning, then why send him out there after the 6th? At least start yanking him when in the 7th inning he gives up one hit or one walk. We have a bullpen.

Well let’s not get to down on g d, Nolan has serious strikeout issues. You must have for got the last 8 years we used to 5 or six guys with at least 40% strikeouts.

We will need warm bats coming up.

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I am well aware of what a ‘rubber’ game means… but what the heck is a ‘rubberband’ game??? :cowboy_hat_face: :baseball: :cowboy_hat_face:


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