OSU Baseball: Cowboys Drop Season-Opener at Sam Houston 7-2

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The Cowboys fell in Huntsville to start their 2024 season.

Not a good start. Hopefully they’ll bounce back and take the series.

Welllll that’s an unfortunate start. lol

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Sam had 2 errors and still won by 5.

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Starting to wonder about coach

Started wondering last year. Josh isn’t the answer. Insisting on keeping Rob Walton as pitching coach will be Josh’s downfall. This program has not been trending in the right direction for the last….I’ll say…3 years.

We’ve seen slow starts before. I wouldn’t worry about Josh. For awhile I’ve questioned Walton leaving pitchers in the game when they’re struggling. Our bats will heat up. It’s always our pitching that’s a concern. With the stadium we now have, we should have jumped a level in recruiting. At least that was the expectation. I guess the top guys prefer SEC, California and Texas. We then get whoever’s leftover. Not getting to Omaha that way.

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Your last line speaks volumes. Omaha used to be an expectation, not something to work towards. The “something to work towards” was advancing in Omaha.

Really. Thats a shocker. He has had a lot a problems in starts. Nothing new