OSU Baseball: Cowboys Fall to Sooners 9-5 in First Round of Big 12 Championship

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The Cowboys will face elimination on Thursday.

If this team does not win a regional and advance to super regional I think changes to the coaching staff need to be made. At least Rob Walton but the buck stops with Holliday. He’s not getting us to where we want to go - College World Series. This was supposed to be one of our best teams in the last few years. How long are we going to have to wait to get there. There are other college baseball coaches available who could get us there. Let’s see how this team finishes the season.

God our pitching sucks, what the hell is going on over there? Walton losing his touch?

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This pitching staff cannot throw strikes. For whatever reason I do not know. Hell ar least let it be put in play, trust your defense

Just when we didnt need they left a pitcher in to long

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Two words: Rob Walton

Other than Stebens coming out of the pen, the pitching has been very average. The offense is absolutely bigtime. One of the better lineups in college baseball. There isn’t an easy out in the entire lineup. They’ll host a Regional, largely due to the palace they play in. So they could ride this offense if it got hot enough. Then if you get to a Super, Watts-Brown can go beat anybody. I like this teams chances in a 3-game Super Regional better than I do in a 4-team Regional.


Tom Holliday was saying in an interview that the offense is good enough to win it all. The defense and mainly pitching was holding us back. Of those 3, I trust the defense the most. I’ve watched enough in person to know that this team, even with better pitching: isn’t good enough. The plate discipline still isn’t there. Heck, if last night is any indication, you’re right. We wouldn’t make it out of a regional much less a Super.

Why is the Big 12 tournament held here. Every season it seems like an empty stadium with no energy. Not to mention playing in a dome isn’t college baseball!!!

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The dome is exactly why. You have no weather issues. No field crew issues. It’s basically a central location for the entire conference. I have no issue with it.

I’m fine with it too, except for the fan experience

We get ou again

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