OSU Baseball: Cowboys Top Mountaineers in Elimination Game in Big 12 Tournament

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Riggio’s clutch hit means the Cowboys move on.

Just keep winning. Benge and brown could come back later. We got a starter coming in tomorrow


This should insure us getting a regional over Texas and WV who we were close with both in the rpi…


We better win. I dont want a losing record against ou.
We also have a chance to even the record against tech then possible tcu.
I dnt see how they could justify the big12 league and tournament win a super. They had west Virginia as 7 before the texas sweep. Got to get those bats going

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Josh has been really good against uo , I think he’s 33-12 something like that. Tech and TCU he hasn’t been as good. We might get a super if upsets happen and they do every year. Be nice to win the tournament this year too along with regular season
We seem to play better on the road for some reason

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We on the edge of taking the second from tech. Bottom 9th tied

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Meola !!! First at bat in months wasn’t it ?
I had about give up before the 8th. What a comeback :cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face:

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