OSU Baseball: Cowboys' Win Streak Ended by Dallas Baptist Walk-Off

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The Cowboys dropped one in Dallas by walk-off.

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Another tuff game. Gave up to many Homer’s again.
Nolen sure wasn’t fooling anyone. Wasn’t throwing strikes. Or weren’t be called.

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Same problem for most of the season. Pitching collapses in the 6th or 7th inning. We need a bullpen that can be counted on, not position players as closers.
A team without a strong bullpen is not going to Omaha. This is not a true number 3 ranked team.

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The problem was with the umpire. Those balls called were really close to the strike zone and should have been called.


Nolan has speed and control. Five different pitches. Not sure I would classify him as just a position player.

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Nolan has some bigtime “stuff” on the mound. The problem is with how difficult it is to 2-way VS just be a PO. They do not want to have to use him as a full time closer. The difference in training and preparation and practice reps that it takes to 2-way is so different than what it does just as a pitcher. That’s why you see very, very few that are asked to do it.

Last week you were telling us he didn’t throw that hard.
He doesn’t have alot of pitching time. I can’t remember if he even pitch last year. He doesn’t even have 11 innings. He will get there.
See some have ou at 4th. How’s the fan base taking that. All ready talk of your qb as a heisman

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First off, I never said “he doesn’t throw that hard”. Explosive in baseball terms doesn’t necessarily mean velo. He’s got 17 appearances. You are a moron on most things & there is zero chance I’ll waste time arguing baseball with you.

As for what I assume is your question about how the OU fan base is taking football prognostications in May? OU fans in general around this time start thinking OU is gonna play for the Nat Title. This year is no different. The idiots………say this will be like 2000 all over again. I’ve said OU can play for the Big 12 title. Nebraska, Baylor, Texas & OSU will be tough ones. I just got back from Vegas and most books have the O/U for OU wins @9. OSU @8. I like what direction things are going in Norman. But BV has yet to win a game. So we shall see

I know you think your a genius on everything. With a special doctorate in baseball.
You have said basically stated stuff that we fit for any relief pitch or kicker. That’s pro players.

So yea it would generally fit for most college players.
We had hale missed 1 kick. All just rite down the middle then got hurt. Couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn.
It’s well documented the ups and down of closers.

Some people felt some of his pitch last nite where missed. Could last nite been more bad luck. When pitcher get squeezed they tend to go away from the corners.

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On Dillon, I noticed he did have his worse games against the tuffer teams. If tulsa is a tuff team?
It will be interesting see what all these transfer qb actually bring.

“A special doctorate in baseball”…….I can guarantee you that’s close to accurate. I know baseball brotha. My firsthand, personal knowledge of this roster & staff would shock you. Tootles

Lol like I said you haven’t shown any knowledge, be it basic or special.
You really look weird saying tootles. It’s either woke or chester.

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As for your Dillon Gabriel question on Tulsa. Tulsa was a KO return away from beating OSU this past season. Baker Mayfield at Tech threw 9 INT’s in 8 games before coming to OU & winning Big 12 Titles & a Heisman. I don’t put a lot of stock into what Gabriel did while at UCF

You’re wasting your time trying to get me to talk baseball with you. Won’t happen

Your just deflectingby bring osu tulsa game.

What you think about the other new qb.

I see no problems with ksu. Mite even be better then Skylar. They are low on good recievers.

Wv had issues with poor mobile qb with a good rb
Not sure how much more mobile Daniel’s is or their new rb.
Ewers hasn’t won the spot yet, I’m sure he will. Not sure before or have the Alabama game. Texas talking 2 backs is it to get the ball to more backs or to actually block. Ewers was third string on tosu. But Texas have some amazing play makers.

New qbs at isu and Baylor

Lot of hype about tcu are you in on tcu.

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I know how you cry about usc hate to see it on baseball. Your just spouting general knowledge that any body Canale about any team at any level.

Just like you were talking about our power hitting and strike out. Nolen the worse and he isn’t at 50% strike outs. God I’ve seen 4 or 5 guys striking out 50%.

We pieced together 6 innings and didn’t use a weekend starter or a closer over an inning… wasn’t a bad lose, we still split with them. Maybe they should have let Morril go out for the 9th ? The game wasn’t important enough to burn regular guys for this weekend. We win the conference we get a top 8 seed

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Thats always been my main issue with Josh. Seems sometimes to leave guys out to long or pull to fast.
Morrill what had like 9 pitches. Would not have hurt to left him in. It was OK but would have liked the win.

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Yea I always want to win. With 9 pitches, that’s not even a daily workout. McLean let a slider hand when he should have used the gas. See if they can catch up with it. I don’t know if Josh is the one who calls for a certain pitcher, isn’t Rob in control of pitching ? He’s always waited too long before pulling someone. We did get some innings out of Bogoz , Ure, and Davis ?

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