OSU Baseball: Cowboys Win Weirdest Baseball Game in Recorded History

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/osu-baseball-cowboys-win-weirdest-baseball-game-in-recorded-history/

OSU was down 12-0 and won by 14,

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Glad we won but that’s now two games without any pitching. Arkansas is going to end our season.

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Dnt tell joey the baseball team won by 2 touchdown.

We got arms, they just need to shake it off.
I still havnt hread anything about osmond.
Stone needs a good game. Throw strikes.

Whats really weird no errors on either side. I know bad pitching but still big scores usally have errors. Yes wild pitch dnt count as errors.

Anyone out there not paying attention to oSu Softball and Baseball is just frickin nuts.They are great to watch!!

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