OSU Baseball Recruiting Expectations

Any thoughts on OSU Baseball recruiting expectations now that we have O’Brate Stadium and some star power on the coaching staff? Big 12 Titles and Omaha or bust every year?


Raised expectations, I think so. I don’t know that we’ll ever get back to the every year Gary Ward level dominance. But I think a title run and trip to Omaha every few years is a good expectation.


Why don’t you think we could return to the glory days?

I think that it may be hard to get back to the glory days because it was a pretty unprecedented run that Ward went on. Those teams still hold the record for most consecutive trips to Omaha with 7 straight seasons. There is significantly more parity in college baseball now than there was during the Ward era. That being said, I don’t think that it is too much to expect 6 trips to the Super Regionals each decade with the coaches on staff and the facilities that they have. There is a growing trend that elite high school players are starting to consider the 4 year college route over JuCo and the MLB draft now too. There hasn’t been a full fledged shift yet, but there is some reason to believe that getting the best of the best to campus could be back on the table. Our facilities and the future it sets kids up for will put us in really good position to get back to one of the premier teams in college baseball. I think what Texas Tech has going is a pretty realistic view of what OSU can get back to.

What are y’all talking about? One conference title every 15 years is more than can be expected. No one is going to come to Stillwater to play sports!

I’d say expectations would be super regionals maybe 5/10 years with a couple World Series runs mixed in there. Those facilities and coaching staff should only help elevate the program

Discussing this with a co-worker and we can’t see why we don’t make it to the party every year, Supers 75% of the time, and CWS half of those. Are my glasses THAT orange?

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