OSU Basketball Forward Keylan Boone Transferring to Pacific

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Keylan is headed west.

Is this the only school that showed interest or something? I’d figured he would’ve landed somewhere better than this.

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He might have fallen in love with the scenery out west. Also, the chance to be a big fish in a small pond.
Pacific is near Portland, OR. Same conference as Gonzaga and BYU.
It’s a small, private university. This past season they were 8-22. So he definitely will be big fish on a lousy team. I think they are big on academics. Bring a rain coat Keylan.

Confused, but I do not have all the information that Keylan had. I envision the portal working to go upward or laterally, not to a smaller conference with a losing team. I am sure there is a reason that I do not see like the others mentioned, scenery, weather, education opportunity etc.

I really liked this kid and he will be missed. He was making strides of improvement and has not hit his ceiling yet. I wish him success and if they Pacific) make the dance, I would like to see the Pokes meet them in a 4/13 or 5/12 match up in the first round.