OSU Basketball Senior Bryce Williams Charged with DUI

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The incident happened Sunday.

Mite not be with us.


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“Well, officer, we were on our way to the bingo parlor and, well, one thing led to another and lines got crossed…”

Well just say what sec teams do…we are going to handle this internally. Or hold him out the first half of the first game🤷‍♂️

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Good thing is there is a lot of time to discipline him and a lot of time for this to simmer down.

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Expected a lot worse based on the headline. I was expecting something way over the limit.

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He needs to examine his priorities to find out if he is all in or not.
Does he want to be a typical college student or does he want to become a special basketball player? He needs to decide quickly.
Fortunately, the team has plenty of depth. It’s a bad omen when someone has to be kicked off the team before the season begins. I doubt he would be booted out for this mishap but there should be zero tolerance for a second blunder. If you want to party transfer to OU.

MB will give him a chance . But needs to be only one chance . Or else Dee Mitchell will
Be able to get his masters .

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I mean…09 come on man. Probably swallowed alittle mouth wash rinsing his mouth out.

We need him in a bad way

College 101: Otis spelled UBER