OSU Basketball: Six Transfers the Pokes Could Target for 2021

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Who could Boynton pluck from the portal?

It would be a homerun to go out and land any of those kids especially fletcher and the UNC kid but us offering them is just like us offering the 40 other high school kids that chose a different school. Would love to see boynton land one. :pray:t2:

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Walker would be great to go after. Really would be a freshman again rite. Not as athletic as boone.
Got the size to clog up the middle. Could develop into big country 2.0. Awkward but could grow out of it. Will be a scorer.
Go all in. With him the other 3 we could have something.
Then go get one of the older guys to hit threes but not that flavors guy.:upside_down_face::wink::innocent::blush::joy::rofl::crazy_face::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face:

Getting Kessler would be huge. Get a bit more weight on him and he could be really good for us.

How is it we did not sign anyone for 2021? We will probably lose at least one scholarship when the NCAA gets around to looking at the appeal. Flavors, Ice, and probably Bryce Williams frees up 3 scholarships and I would hope Dee is not on a scholarship for next season. Having 4 scholarships would be good but who is left out there? We must have a 3 point shooter and a tall guy who is also not a bean pole. All summer long OSU players should shoot one thousand free throws each day.

Rumor is most of the team is tight with him. Iā€™m sure a bunch of schools could say that but OSU has momentum and popularity on their side right now, both for the team and for the coach. Also a glaring need for him. Moving Boone to the 4 would be awesome.

Yea I saw guys texting as soon as he entered the portal. It would be nice to see g,g,f,f,c :upside_down_face::innocent::crazy_face::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face:

Rutgers has a big wanting to leave sound as he wants the west coast. He want ee degree. So that could help us.

UMass has big man in the portal who avg. 18.9 pts a game. Powell from Auburn would be a great get or shooting guard from Davidson who is a stud. Kessler is going to very good. He finished the season for NC gaining confidence and played a much larger role last in the ACC tourney and the 1 game in the NCAA tourney. The likely destination is Gonzaga for Kessler.

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Not sure about Gonzaga they have 2 top centers coming in.