OSU Commit Braylin Presley Went OFF vs. Stillwater on Friday

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Presley scored four times as Bixby extended its winning streak to 39.


Bet he gets redshirted. Funny thing is is that he played Stillwater and gundy’s son was quarterbacking and they got their assss kicked because they ran gundy offense aginst a real offense that spreads the ball around. Presley has 4,000 yards and counting but nope that won’t be good enough to come in and help this suck assss offense next year because he’s not mature enough and would drop passes because he will be a true freshman. Rinse and repeat. Woke up today and guess what…Gundy still sucks!


This kid is better than his brother too

Which one of them is smaller?

I thought Braylin was but I might be wrong.

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It’s one thing to do ur stupid lil rants about gundy. But attack a 17 year old kid is par for a lil chit like u.
Ur whole rant was idiotic, if his brother didn’t red shirt why would he. Go take ur sucking to the bathroom.

If you think that was a rant against Presley, think again. He’s assuming that based on Gundy’s history w/ young players, that Presley will ride pine much like big brother last year. Despite the fact that he’s a dynamic playmaker who could help the offense immediately. “Get your facts straight!”

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Hey silly I was talking about Gundy’s son. The presley chit is just Jeff’s normal crying

I’ll be interested to see how that streak fairs when they move up to 6A1 next year.

Not sure but they have been the #1 overall too.

Attack a 17 year old LOL.

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Rant? Lol

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Same size exactly. Brennan is 5 pounds heavier but he gets that college food. Both 5’8

Yes ur rite I’m sorry crying :cry::sob::pensive::disappointed::sneezing_face::sleepy::cry::sob:

He looks about an inch smaller to me as well but faster!

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