OSU Dropped a Spot in Latest AP Poll Despite Texas Tech Win

Originally published at: OSU Dropped a Spot in Latest AP Poll Despite Texas Tech Win | Pistols Firing

Despite win, the Cowboys dropped due to style points.

Yep, pretty much what I expected.

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Don’t necessarily see a problem with it. A blowout win in Baton Rouge is pretty impressive. Even though I don’t think LSU is as good as their record indicates. They’re not going to look at a home win against Tech as anything special. Even though Tech has played five ranked opponents in a row since their first game :man_shrugging:.

Just keep winning and it will work itself out. The next 4 weeks in the Big 12 will decide what will happen. And the weird/wonderful thing is none of the deciding games involve OU.


Agreed, just take care of TCU and then on to the next.

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Correct. The AP poll doesn’t matter.

I just don’t see how we walk out a winner in this next game. I’m still not sold on this team and Dunn running the offense. The o-line still seems to be a problem in the run defense and sanders ran for his life too many times. Techs back end were very good tho. Sure wish we would have played up on Tech’s receivers more but maybe gundy and co don’t have faith in those kids yet. Going to be a hard to get a win next week but I hope I’m wrong and we come out a winner. Just amazing gundy can’t seem to fix this problem and it’s mind boggling.

I want to be bullish on this team, but Jeff makes some factual remarks. On the other hand, Gundy seemed to suggest that the problems in the TT game were a result of our injuries. So I have to make up my own mind based on what I have watched. I have trouble thinking of oSu as a legit top 10 team. The secondary is too vulnerable, and the O-line is not good enough to create a sufficient run game. So, we have to rely primarily on passing but the protection from the O-line might not provide enough protection for SS to use his strengths. Thus, he has to run too many times, risking injury each time. If we beat TCU I might be more bullish. But right now I am doubtful.

Backup QB: (plays us close)
OSU Fans: That backup QB played us close. We are terrible.
Backup QB at Frickin’ Kansas: (plays TCU close)
OSU Fans: TCU looks like worldbeaters. They will probably beat us.

I’m not saying a road game against an undefeated team isn’t concerning, but c’mon.

That back up QB for tech could really play and throw. Can’t imagine him not being there 1 QB in the future. Their DB’s were all over our receivers and running our routs. I just don’t understand why gundy and Dunn refuse to use the middle of the field more. Now saying all that we are undefeated but seems like we could benefit using more of the field with more routs than go long the majority of the time. I might be selling this team short alittle but if not for special teams being really good we could be looking at acouple losses already.