OSU Falls Eight Spots in Coaches Poll after Bedlam Loss

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OSU falls to No. 22, while OU climbs to No. 14.

The team that played last night doesn’t belong in the top 25.

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I am surprised that we are still considered a top 25 team. I say that not because of the Bedlam game, I say that because of all the injuries we have. I didn’t see Bedlam loss due to a lack of execution as much as I saw it as a team without an effective O-line, and a team with its star players on offense either still injured or only recently returned from injuries. Another defect was the inability to make defensive adjustments before halftime. Call a timeout to use it to make the adjustments.

Is overrated, one word or two? Or maybe an hyphen ?


Bold Prediction:

This team won’t finish in the top 25. They’ll lose another game or two (Tech, Baylor, or TCU) and then probably lose their bowl game.

Then this team will be 7-4 or 6-4 after returning players like Chuba Hubbard and Tylan Wallace and a defense that was fairly solid most of the season.

Me prediction before the year was 7-3 or maybe 6-4. Let’s see what happens.

Where is Robert28? I haven’t seen him in here since last night’s result.

Where does Hubbard rank in the Heisman race?
What about Gundy in the hunt for that Bear Bryant Award?

I’m surprised the Sooners moved up. It’s really no big deal, when someone slaps around their little sister.

I highly doubt that any of our watchlist players and coachs will come close to winning an award.

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And you won’t see him either. He’s too arrogant/scared to admit that those who’ve been calling for Gundy’s firing are right. Not to mention it’s nice not to have to decipher his semi-coherent ramblings. Reading his commentary is equivalent to…I got nothing. It’s an indescribable assault on the English language.