OSU Favored by 5.5 Points over Baylor in Regular-Season Finale

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Another close one should be on tap for Saturday.

I’m going 28-21 Baylor

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Have they watched us? LOL we suck without Tylan. We have some players but Spencer Sanders has zero touch on the ball. He throws too high to a 6’7 TE LOL. That’s almost impossible. Sanders actually throws a decent deep ball but sucks at intermediate stuff. Misses open people. Can’t see the field.

Dunn calls a pass play from 1st and goal from the 2 yard line. You can’t make this stuff up. With a 5’11 220 lb back that can power drive for 2 yards every time he gets the ball. Run once and easily make it. If not run again and you make it.
Just dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb.

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I said Baylor 27-17 and that’s what I’m sticking with as well. OSU is notoriously bad with the spread and the 5.5 on this game means Vegas thinks the pokes are done.


I’m going 28 to 7 Baylor

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Osu has giving up and so have I on this team.

LOL! I got Baylor by 6. Gumby & Co will call the same lame plays that Baylor’s defense can guess right on at least 50% of the time. Another bubble screen, jump ball, backshoulder fade, bunch up the O-line while you run a dive btw guard and tackle, no slants, no passes to your 6’7" TE in the red zone unless it’s an easily defensible go route, no misdirection, no trick plays, and no crossing routes.

Fantastic! So we won’t have to scroll past 300 comments of yours anymore…