OSU Football: Cowboys Land as High as 12 on Multiple Preseason Top 25 Rankings

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/osu-football-cowboys-land-as-high-as-12-on-multiple-preseason-top-25-rankings/

It’s not too early for me.

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The girl in the right of the picture is going to miss one of the best stiff arms ever…

I just dont understand this ‘intoxication’ with Iowa State football … no doubt, they have improved … but for the last several season(s) it seems as if the media is ‘hypnotized’ with ISU , win 9(+) games for a couple of season(s) and they might get my attention …geez

They have a little harder row to hold (the correct word is not allowed)because they play Iowa every year while we play power houses like McNeese State.