OSU Football: Cowboys Picked Third in Big 12 Preseason Poll

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Utah is predicted to win the conference in its first year.

I personally think we should win the conference. However, it doesn’t surprise me that we were picked to finish third.

I think the CCG is OSU and KSU. We beat the Utes and most likely drop one to Wildcats.

I’m curious to know why a team that returns 19 starters, won 10 games, and played for a conference title is picked third? I’m guessing they take into account we don’t do well on years we’re supposed to :man_shrugging:.

Because we are Oklahoma State. That’s why.

Probably because of how close the wins we had were ?


I think Kansas St will be tough, but at the same time the Wildcats only return 4 starters on offense and only one on the O Line. I like playing KSU early in the year, as they seem to get better towards the end. They had a pretty good team last year and we beat them solidly. Our first three conference games are Utah, at KSU and WVU. We need to go 2-1 minimum and 3-0 we are the favorites to go to CCG.


Probably because we’ve proven we can’t win the conference.

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The reason there low on osu is bowman a plus 1 td to pic and cant run. We won alot of close games. The 2 bad loses.
I think ksu is over rated. Their athletic on offense but a lot of ifs. The oline will be good but not as good as last year. The defense will not be as good.
When we go 6 and 0 we will be put up to top 10.

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If they have paid any attention to us under gundy that is why.

Are you sure about that? Because you went MIA for about three weeks after the USA loss last season.

One things for sure, it won’t take long to see who is the best with us playing Utah first conference game. I don’t know how they put together the schedules but that is just terrible.


We will know if we have a play off, conference contender or a cheez it bowl worthy team before October rolls around surely .

Hopefully we have the depth enough to where if we get through that September gauntlet unscathed we have enough in the tank to not stumble against Colorado and lose another league championship .

Getting way ahead of myself. Must be the summers heat


Billy just like you getting lost. What i never understand why i would have to stay off the site because of essholes like you. You do know your team utah lost 2 g5 school and only beat 1 ranked team to win a title in the awesome pac 12.

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Did they lose 45-3 or 33-7?

A loss is a loss

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What’s your prediction on the OSU vs Utah game?

Bill don’t get fooled by “returning starters”, 90% of our returning starters wouldn’t start on another p4 team. Example Sanders.

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As of today i have osu win the game. Why wouldnt i.
You talk about gundy, kyle has never lost less then 3 games since jioning the pac 12. I got utah going 10 and 2.

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Got it. Gotta wait and see what happens those first three games before making that prediction.