OSU Football: Five Newcomers Poised to Contribute in 2022

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These five could make instant impact upon arrival. Watch out.

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2 of the 5 sound impressive.

I wanna say Ollie Gordon, but also at the same time I want to see what the offensive line does.

Braylin Presley should be at the top of the list. Just get him the ball in space!


He definitely be in the return game.
He’s got to beat out his brother and John Paul.
We will be losing some guys to the portal next year.
Johnson is the only one that got to go.
We got that sr walkon making a name. Owens and Anderson
3 sets of brothers. 2 are te possible.
Kid from pawhuska cade bray John Paul
I think I got them all. If 2 go to the cowboy back, that’s 12 for 8 spots. With 10 coming back. Yes I’m missing that last recruit. Is is it Steven’s?

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What I’ve seen of Shettron he looks far more mature for a true freshman. Big, good body control, good hands ?..… Gordon could be a big help in the RB spot. Hope he’s a pile driver.
I thought Richardson really came on the last of the year. Made some big catches against ND

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Like joy has always told us if we recruited 4 stars we will be better. Lol

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Richardson’s last three games:

OU- 1 rush for -8 yards

Baylor- 7 rushes for 2 yards

ND- 1 rush for 3 yards

He only had three games the entire season last year where he averaged more than 4.5 yards per rush. I understand Jaylen Warren was in front of him, but imo if you want him to be your lead rusher he’s going to need a better offensive line or he needs to start making guys miss more. He needs to prove he can grind it out against better competition than Tech, Kansas, and TCU.


Agree, but didn’t make the list. Even if a KO return man.

Who in the hell are you talking about ? I’m talking about Bucky Richardson son you ducking moron !!! You don’t even know who the players are you spend so much time biotching about everything you nitwit !!

You’re right. Didn’t catch the last part.

Yo Jo, so who would you have replace Gundy?

Someone that’s proven they can win more than one conference title in 17 years. Mark Dantonio and Chris Petersen would be good candidates.

Neither of these coaches elevated there programs.
Both Washington and msu had multiple natty’s.
Mark is done I’m sure. By the you know how your always on gundy for 7 win season after good years, mark is chalked full of them. After a 12 and season he went 3 and 9.
Chris is a west coach guy.
Name a guy that can elevated

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After Saban left and before Dantonio arrived (2000-2006) the best season Michigan State had was 8-5. During that stretch they had four losing seasons. Dantonio won three conference titles in 13 seasons at Michigan State.

After Neuheisel left Washington in 2002 they would proceed to having 7 losing seasons out of their next 11 seasons until the arrival of Chris Petersen. Petersen won two conference titles in 6 seasons at Washington.

In 2005 when Gundy became HC at OSU they had been to three straight bowl games.

No matter how you want to discredit it that’s consider elevating a program. You absolutely can’t stand the fact that someone else out there might do better than Gundy at something.

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Before stark got to Washington they bad year. Unlike miles stark was increasing his wins when he left
Dnt change the subject. Did either of these two coaches elevate the 2 programs to new highest.
You 2 yahoos want osu to go to the next level.

We’re not talking about Indiana and Oregon state.

When gundy came in this program was sub 500.
With 1 3way tie title and 2 great seasons in the 40’s.
Since Stanley ever coach end up over 500 except Simmons. We have been on the rise. Gundy elevated the program.

You yahoos want some one to elevate more then gundy.
Those 2 could elevate Washington and msu to New highest. Both of these school are winning programs.

Another issue you want younger guys. One is collecting ssr the other is older then gundy by a few.

This is your trouble I’m not saying either are bad coaches. I like them. But, dnt make them our to be demigods.
K state hired a guy like we need. But, there still still k state. Tech git a guy that could, it’s still Lubbock.
Haven’t looked the guy up but maybe Sam Houston.
A guy like that connect to Texas. Young. And down the road 20 years.

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You’re right. We’re talking about two programs that were in the same situation as OSU was from Bob Simmons to Mike Gundy.

I’m really just interested in why Michigan State and Washington can be bad for the better part of 7-10 years and still manage to win more than one conference title in less than 17 years? What happened 50-60 years ago has no real relevance or sway in the coaching ability of the men that were hired at each of those programs. This is just your desperate attempt to make an excuse.

So if you can win more than once conference title in 17 years people consider you a Demigod?

Joy again you look at one thing.
Stoop was just a great coach and he built ou.
Do you think Peterson could come to osu and change our losing. Look at strong. All hyped up and took Texas to a winning program.
If a name and history is not important and miles is that special coach why did he leave.
Just look at Peterson and washington
Before he showed 20 they won a natty. He couldn’t even win a rose bowl for them. Top dog in washington.

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No…you look at one thing. Gundy and that’s it.

He went the CFP. Did Gundy do that?

What part of what a team did years ago doesn’t hold much relevancy? Nebraska is on their 5th coach since they last won a national title. Just because you won a national title over 30 years ago has no relevancy on how good you should be now.

OSU has been a stable and good program for 20 years now. There isn’t any reason we should still be getting excited consistently going to the Alamo, Liberty, or Cheez-It bowl. We should be past that now.


Your the one looking at gundy. I’m looking at what the coach and schools offer in each scenario.

For one thing we dnt know if we couldn’t have more title since there were no title games.

Believe what you want. Gundy here for another 20 years.

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