OSU Football Got Fiesta Bowl Rings, and They Are Spectacular

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Have mercy, these are wonderful.

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You want your logo recognized? Try winning the conference more than once every 20 years.

This is part of the empty trophy case.

Another case of you showing hate for osu sports.
They won something, but u got to degrade it

His crimson and crum showing through.


Notice Wyoming!

“We have a logo too!”?

Lol yes jug this article should be posted by you. Just like pistol Pete being one of the worst mascot.
So your blaming gundy for these things. Lmao.
Ex Colorado put the Buffalo on hardly anything.
I bet Nike feels silly 2 of its most expensive schools aren’t thought of mush. You finding hate stories show how much your a goon fan.

What is your point?


He had no point, that was the most ignorant article wrote. “Georgia Tech has an iconic and recognizable brand” lol okay buddy

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The point is "We have a logo too " comment shows Gundy’s little brother syndrome.

How? Are you drunk?

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Cause it shows the mentality of someone who only gets there once every 11 years.

No it show the mentality of you. I know this article says what you want, but it actually 1 of the stupidest I’ve seen. This is a filler piece. When need to fill a place and we got 5 minutes till press.

Yet one logo never came to mind.

Do you remember hearing why Barry Sanders said he didn’t dance around after making a touchdown?

Jug tell us if you like people laughing at you why should I stop you.

I think Gundy was making a very necessary statement. He took full advantage of the moment. Some people may dislike it and think it reeks of “little brother”…”Look at me! I need attention!”, but actually it’s the opposite…it’s “I ain’t so little anymore. You may not think I’m worthy, but I will FORCE you to pay attention to me!” You don’t have to love the move by Gundy, but you should respect it. I thought it took huge cajones. He basically, gave the proverbial middle finger to the whole establishment: blue bloods, ESPN, sports writers, SEC and Big 10 folks,…Gundy made sure everybody sat up and took notice.

Rant over. Carry on!


You just had like 6 people call you a hater and a fool, and not even once did you say, " hmm, am I a hater and a fool?" The confidence of jackasses.


Raiman never knows he does wrong

Don’t worry he’s also still confident enough to believe boyntons killing it, which he is…… killing the basketball program

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If a bald guy wearing a white robe and passing out flowers in the airport calls you names, do you spend a lot of time reflecting? Cults don’t scare me cause I just ignore them. Mullet worshipers are a big part of that. They seem to be to busy keeping their nose brown to see or comprehend what else is going on in the conference. But if I ever need to know what Gundy has had to eat the last few days, I know you are a expert.

I don’t know what he eats, but I know where he lives: rent free in your head.

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