OSU Football Live Updates from Day One of Fall Camp

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The first day of fall camp is upon us.

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Is our OC’s name Dunn or Dunb? Anyway regardless of the name could someone get him to watch the Chiefs and see what they do with Tyreek Hill and copy it with Presley.

I’m so glad we have Dickey…

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Why? I hear nothing but good things about him, but haven’t seen it translate to the field for OSU. Last year the O-Line was arguably the worst position group on both sides of the ball and the recruiting at the O-line position has been terrible since he arrived. I’m willing to give him a chance, just curious what makes him better than say, Joe Wickline?

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Well since the second half of the tulsa game we only had two linemen with any experience. I would say the did great.
I know alot of people want to blame r offensive woes on the line. Shane played against west Virginia with this line . What he had 3 or for 4 sacks. West Virginia has a good front. Lot of virgin with the line and qb.
Also shane is not the most mobile qb.
Everybody wants to act like everytime he fumbled or threw a pic he was running for his life. I’m sorry to say not the is a fairy tale.
What I dnt understand about dickey is his recruiting, should be better.
I for 1 am glad we have dickey.

Sorry, have been really busy. For starters he didn’t leave a team on bad terms and decimated in depth like Wickline. I don’t believe people breaking rules and being removed from the team to be CD’s fault. Nor are the injuries. Have you not seen some of the recruits and transfers coming in? Dickey is a great coach and if you don’t think so go look at the K-State lines when he was there.