OSU Football: Mike Gundy Explains Why Spencer Sanders is 'Underappreciated'

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Sanders is going to be hard to replace.

Gundy is rite went thur alot. 3 oc. 2 injuries and a lot of missing players.


He’s definitely looked like a totally different player this season compared to his first three seasons. I wasn’t so sure if he would get over the hump or not because we still had seen tendencies of what he did his freshman season just last year.

Sanders has been an awesome QB for us.

I don’t live in Oklahoma any more and no where I’ve lived have I seen a sub-culture that looks to create scapegoats, creating an air of loserishness. Before Sanders, the most egregious example of scapegoat trashing was true freshman Corner Ramon Richards. It was disgusting what fans and media did, just as with Sanders.

Hopefully Cowboy’s are growing up as we win so many games and let go of their fears and disappointments.



This isn’t a orphanage for underprivileged kids here. This is a big time money making semi pro organization called college football. I get you don’t want kids to get trashed but it’s what makes sports so great and that is to root for and to root aginst. Kids no what is coming for them nowadays with criticism if they don’t live up to the standards. They are paid by free tuition and also pay to play through NIL. I appreciate your concerns for feelings but it’s a sport and fans are involved and let them be fans weather they talk trash or not. They know if their feeling get hurt they can just walk away if they so choose so no need to worry man just enjoy all of what comes with sports.

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He looked better last year. I agree, he had moments that looked bad, mostly against Baylor, but he mostly showed more discipline. He is who he is. He’s had a few throws this year where he got lucky because he’s got a little gunslinger in him.

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Just like last season, if the top dog teams from the Big 12 are not playing for all the marbles, then the national media thinks this must be due to the conference being weak that season. So now we have a conference that has never had this kind of parity. Are the talking heads going to see this as the conference suddenly becoming even stronger than ever, or are they going to again say that the Big 12 is having another weak season? It’s absurd. The BIg 12 teams need to show what they can do by winning big in their bowl games and see what the media says about that.
SS can’t be accurately judged by his previous seasons because of his injuries along with the injuries to his O-line and his receivers. Regardless, his statistics will show his level of play while under adversity. But this season, he has the opportunity play to his full potential if he and key players can avoid injuries. Somehow, I think Gundy and the other oSu coaches were the only ones who accurately assessed the true talent of SS. And, as long-term Cowboy football fans, we certainly do have a subculture of losing, which is based on decades of usually having subpar football teams. But I think this perception is changing based on last season when most fans probably asked themselves, what would this team have accomplished had they played with a healthy O-line the entire season? The only correct answer would have been, college playoffs. It’s going to take a little while longer for the fans to see this program in the same way that Gundy views it. Just as it’s taken awhile for the fans to see SS as Gundy has always viewed him.

That all depends if we start winning championships win given the opportunity to do so. Truth.

I mean….honestly I would say the Big 12 is likely the second best conference in the country right now. The Big 10 has looked bad. Outside of Michigan (and even they showed they’re beatable) and Ohio State none of those teams look very good at all. Even Penn State doesn’t look that good. You know it’s bad when Illinois is leading the B10 West.

The Big 12 is getting crapped on because OU and Texas haven’t had the seasons they’ve wanted for a couple of years (especially Texas). They’re perception of the conference is based on the strength of the BB schools in this conference rather than looking at the recent success of programs that’s aren’t BB schools.


I think most fans believe oSu is heading in the direction of winning championships once OU is gone. I remember as a kid knowing about Bud Wilkerson and those great OU teams. They just compete at a higher level than oSu because their winning tradition attracts more talented recruits. Once OU is gone there will be an even playing field, parity. Then for oSu it will be now or never.

If I had to go to battle with a kid/man Sanders would be my type to go with. Like what’s been said he has had some difficulty with injuries and the OL. We get that , but he’s a warrior, he constantly plays hard, never heard a bad word from or about him. He goes to school , makes his grades. … in fact the whole team has been trouble free for awhile now. But Sanders is mentally tough now I like his response to criticism, just keep playing harder. He’s been stellar for us this year. We sure as hell will miss him when he’s gone.
Go Pokes :cowboy_hat_face:


You want fries with that Jeffy :roll_eyes:

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I love Sanders and wouldn’t take him for any other QB in the conference.

We can (and should) talk about his arm and accuracy; but I really like it when he uses his legs. How disheartening to an opposing defense to actual cover our talented receivers for a specific play, only to see Sanders take off and gain 10-15 yards and move the chains via scramble?


Number 3 is a good athlete, always gets back at it. He’s a hard worker and he’s akkurat, goes about his business, never says a word, does what he’s told.


Sanders was a very rough product early. I was frustrated with his lack of growth as well, but I did realize he had unique challenges.

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That’s why I’ve always been a fan of having a mobile quarterback. Even if he weren’t such an accurate passer as long as you have receivers good enough to help him out, and a decent running game I can live with him not being Brandon Weeden or Mason Rudolph accurate.

It drives me crazy when we can’t run the ball and we have a pocket passing QB that’s forced to pretty much thread the needle against six or seven defenders because he’s not good enough to get to 5 or 6 yards on a scramble (2015). Only reason Weeden was able to not get sacked was because he had an excellent OL and the style of offense was really quick.

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You’re misreading my post, likely through the very lens I recommend you inspect.

The question to ask yourself (each of us) is does fueling a denigrating conversation regarding the Cowboy’s both in the fan base and media help the program, the public perception, or your mental well-being?

You can wallow in the mistakes that cost games last year, coulda-maybe-might have cost a game this season or rewind to 10 years ago if you like, but it doesn’t convince anyone that you are more knowledgeable or fanatical or loyal to the Cowboys.


This OSU O vs Baylor D tape shows a tough D with almost no missed assignments get outplayed ever so slightly. The Pokes earned the W the old fashioned way in Waco.

If the link gets cut from post, search YT for Oklahoma State OL/Offense vs Baylor Defense (2022).


“”(though he did follow it up directly with a 49-yard strike to set up a touchdown)’’

I am definitely on the Spencer Sanders bandwagon for the remainder of his football career, with oSu and beyond. However, I commented before that I do firmly believe that the 49 yard pass that followed his interception instilled his confidence, it was not a result of confidence!! It was so very far from a strike and to term it as one is almost an insult to Spencer. He doesn’t need that type of pandering. He is obviously more mature than the author of the article. The pass was underthrown, thrown a bit pensively and, had it been on target, it was a touchdown if caught, not a ‘set up’. But, being a catch, Sanders played the rest of the game with the confidence of my kind of quarterback.

GO POKES!! :football: :cowboy_hat_face: :football: :cowboy_hat_face: :football:

With the point brought up, I am so very intrigued by the thought of another year for him… the kind of thing that makes you go “hmmmm…” :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: