OSU Football: Ollie Gordon Releases Statement About Arrest

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‘I did not uphold the values I have for myself and the values of the OSU football program.’

It’s a good statement. Hopefully he means it and can put this behind him.


Solid statement but actions are louder than words. Keep your nose clean, handle your business like a man, and prove to the world that this was a one time screw up.


Surprised he’s still going to media days. Maybe Gundy decided his punishment is having to answer questions regarding it.


Exactly. Gundy’s thinking is probably, “Hey, you want to prove yourself to your teammates, coaches, fans…then prove it to me. Answer the tough questions.” I’m sure the department has people that will help the process.


Yea….i don’t think sitting him for the SDSU game would be wise. We’ll need all hands on deck with our ability to play down to the level of competition.

I’m not saying I want this to happen, but just to play devil’s advocate… Suppose that OG does keep his nose clean the rest of the season and is just as impactful as last year. And suppose that part of his punishment IS suspension for the first game. AND suppose that OSU loses that first game against SDSU. Could it be possible that it actually HELPS his Heisman chances, if the voters see that he would’ve been the difference maker in that game? Not saying I want all that to go down, just saying… lol.

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I mean….I would think if you can’t beat SDSU without one star player then the voters probably wouldn’t care regardless.

When’s the last time a player got a hiesman and a dui in the same year ?

The most recent that comes to mind is Baker Mayfield. His was public intoxication though.

Technically running is just “driving with your feet”. So count it. :joy:

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