OSU Football Ranked No. 22 in Preseason Coaches Poll

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OSU is ranked in the preseason for a second consecutive year.

It’s looking better daliy

Once again Texas is ranked because #HelmetLogic :roll_eyes:

I bet if there is a list of the most underperforming NCAA teams that Texas would be at the top of the list.

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I’m sorry but Iowa State at #8 to me is an over reaction. Campbell seems to be a great coach but they still don’t have a ton of talent. They could finish 4th in the conference very easily. I think anywhere from 15-22 would be more appropriate.

I dnt put much stock in this poll only 3 sec in top 10 and only 6 in top 25 . Just 10 receiving votes. I mean marshall get one vote and none for vandy. Where the heck is Tennessee they got ou players and an ou coach. What kinda of chit is this.

The Texas, Iowa State, Oklahoma State and TCU battle for Big 12 championship game will be great.

Miami is ranked 16t? We beat them in bowl game without Chuba and 1/2 Tylan. I know they lost their QB for the game but ours is coming back also.

They finished 9th last year and return literally everyone. Where should they be ranked?

They will have to play a full non con schedule. They won none last year.

Weird, that’s not a ranking which are traditionally given in numbers.