OSU Football Recruiting: Cowboys Offer Pair of JUCO Offensive Linemen

Originally published at: OSU Football Recruiting: Cowboys Offer Pair of JUCO Offensive Linemen | Pistols Firing

OSU has landed a JUCO O-lineman the past two classes.

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So now this life long problem will finally be fixed? Cool. Wait a minute…… Juco!

3 things are for certain with osu. #1 always be little brother. #2 always have less money than big brother. #3 always have an inept offensive line.

Bring in the Bigs!!

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We must have some absolutely studs on the offensive line because if you remember we got the #1 offensive line guy in juco and was also the #2 overall juco player last year and he’s not even starting so don’t get your hopes up is all I’m saying.

Actually Jalen Warren came via Utah State. Seems like I heard he played a season at Snow, i.e. his freshman year. <— Correction: 2 seasons at Snow then Utah St: Jaylen Warren - Football - Utah State University Athletics

Nothing wrong at all w/ juco lineman or other players, there’s talent at that level too.

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Exactly. Just because they’re in JUCO doesn’t mean they aren’t any good. It might be because of grades or life situations or they just weren’t well-scouted or played at a smaller high school. Aaron Rodgers, Tyreek Hill, Alvin Kamara, Cam Newton… all those guys played JUCO ball. So you’ve got NFL Pro Bowlers and HoFers… you can certainly have successful D1 players. When you have a top JUCO guy not start, that tells me your starters are good. We have some depth.

Is our line bad this year? They’ve looked better to my eye test. Loved that flea flicker the other week. We’ve had years where our line caves in so hard that we can’t pull off a flea flicker. Seems like they can hold.

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I like blackstock. Good size great feet work.

I we keep all of are lineman its going to alot of them.
A walkon is the only one that has to go. Hunter and webber has 2 years. We have a pile that have 3. 6 or 7.
Just keeping them all.