OSU Football Still Outside Latest AP Top 25 Rankings

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OSU is barely outside looking in.

I wouldn’t put us in the top 25 based on who we’ve played and how the games have looked.

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Since ur not a writer I dnt see why u would.

Ask any writer or analyst in the country if they think OSU should be in the top 25. It’s common sense Robert.

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They got votes so it’s common sense some do think they do.
Do I did to explain how the voting works.

Well…they didn’t get enough votes now did they?

Ur point was no writers vote for us to be in the top 25. But that’s wrong

I posted a post, im surprised u haven’t post on it. Rite up ur alley " can we afford a new coach"

And my further point was that we didn’t get enough votes. Now did we?

I am actually glad that the pollsters, or whatever they might be called, do not rank teams just because they are undefeated. We have not played like a top 25 team and we are playing with a lot of reserves so that does not project for a successful season so the poll is accurate up to this point.
If we keep running the ball and having Warren tote the rock for over 30 carries a game I think it’s just a matter of time before both Warren and Sanders exit with injuries. So start throwing the ball to the young receivers and hope to see young Gundy on the field next season. We heard Gundy’s plan for winning, run the ball and try to drain time on the clock. But there is some hope since he also stated that they have to find a way to pass more in order to create some balance.


We ARE ranked 22nd in the Coaches Poll, and I think the coaches are more reliable than the sports writers.

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If they are reliable then why are they scared to death to let Sanders throw the ball? Where is all this depth I’ve been hearing about?

You see like I said after the first game, you can’t barley beat teams especially the teams we have barely beat and expect to get in the polls. This is why I hate gundy’s offense and think it is trash. Yea you can go Undefeated which we won’t but we will never get ranked high enough to get in the play off. Nail biters I’m sorry will not work for anybody. When the last time we blew someone out? This system won’t work for meatless just pad gundy’s winning record.


Are you watching the same team? We have survived all 3 games and that’s it. We got lucky with the block last night or that would have been the end of it. You can’t win games rushing 25 times in a row. We are going to get our butts handed to us in big 12 play, unless things drastically change

Not mention why are we playing on espn+??!
25 K-ST and both are undefeated.


No he watches osu intramural sports. Don’t wast you time on this guy.

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They have us right where we should be, just outside of the top 25. If we can win Saturday we should be a top 25 team regardless of how good it looks. Gundy is a good coach and manages the game well, so I expect he can get another win Saturday. Gundy looks to have some fire this season. Gundy is the right coach to keep this program at a high level. Go Pokes!!

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I know ur old enough to remember Barry Sanders he would carry 30 all the time. I do not understand why we have so many injuries we we have glass

I am aware of Barry Sanders but he was constructed like Sherman tank.
At a level beyond most backs.
The only reason that I have not mentioned Glass is because Gundy hypes him so much over the years that I considered him to be untouchable when it comes to questioning his training methods. The injuries might be so unrelated that it is just a series of bad luck rather than improper conditioning. I have no idea about that.

I agree that alot of guys on here are high on glass.
U take a kid like andersen he has something wrong.
But what did hale do to himself, I mean back in the day u could confuse a kicker for any middle aged beer drinking arm chair beer gut guy.