OSU Football: What We Can Learn from Spencer Sanders' First 10 Starts

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How Sanders compares to the best QBs to ever come through Stillwater.

I would give Weeden the advantage of having better OC’s and playcalling. Really excited to see what Dunn can do with Spencer Sanders.


I look forward to the season if they actually have one. Sanders should improve. It’s almost unfair to compare Weeden to Sanders because of the age difference and maturity level, because of it. The thing Weeden had was one hell of an offensive line. Rudolph was running for his life at times. If Sanders can get some good protection he will do well.

Just the presence of Chuba, I think, means Sanders doesn’t have to throw as much. But hopefully that means when he does this year he has a better opportunity to throw downfield to some favorable marchups.

I’m agreeing with you 100 percent… Holgerson and Monken went balls out trying to squash whoever. If our line holds together I’m excited about Dunn … let’s hope Gundy lets him run what he wants My only concern is Sanders WANTS to run the ball. He wants to deliver a hit. He can’t stay healthy that way

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That analysis was an order of magnitude better than I had any right to think it would be, especially the interception numbers.

This is what worries me: Will Gundy handcuff Dunn? Based on his past history, then yes. Based on recent events asking for change within the program, maybe an added benefit is that Gundy realizes what he has in terms of talent and Dunn’s abilities. Gundy then decides to let it fly!! Here’s to hoping, folks!

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I would feel more concerned about that had Dunn not almost left oSu twice. The other contributing factor IMO is he had a front row seat watching how the past 4 OC’s operated. I am sure he will apply those lessons to his interactions with Gundy. The silver lining is he was good calling plays at Oregon State with the rest of the staff stuck in the elevator and not able to communicate.

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We will never see the play calling like we did in the Holgorsen days because it tired our defense to fast. I would get ready for the same stuff you saw last 3 or 4 years.

oSu wasn’t good at third and short during the Holgerson days IMO. Had a hard time running up the middle on short yardage to keep the “Wagons Ho” going. That hurt the defense, but the defense was also not good at getting off the field on third down and IMO a bigger issue. I do like the current approach of JK comparatively. It is more risk, but at least occasionally there are rewards. I love a good blitz on third down rather than consistent loose zone coverage.

Holgy and Wick came up with the pistol formation to help the run game. While effective against teams that recruited well on the lines it was always a struggle. IMO one of the reasons LR waited for the OU job was their ability to run the ball. Holgy and Monken never had that IMO and were still really productive.

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I don’t think Dunn has much time for this. And he’s been around Gundy for 10 years so I don’t think he’s going to capitulate like MY or SG would have.

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That is my hope. The fact Gundy was willing to let Dunn leave might be a clue you are on to something.

I feel like we ran the ball more last year (I don’t know the numbers) and that could have decreased Sanders’ passing TDs. I also know that some of Sanders’ tunovers were fumbles related to his tendency to try and run or hang on to the ball too long. Those don’t factor into the comparisons with Weeden and Rudolph.

Gundy won’t need to handcuff Dunn because Dunn will handcuff himself. Gundy has never had an original idea in football and Dunn learned everything he knows from Gundy.


Dunn Coached for 18 years BEFORE he came to OSU, including time in the NFL. I think it’s safe to say he learned to coach football before he ever worked for Gundy.


You’re Les Miles aren’t you?

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I agree with your comment on how Dunn will operate

Dunn was going to leave twice so Gundy brought him back or Holder upped the money to keep him. So he evidently has something on that’s attractive about his coaching and recruits. I’ve read he wants to go fast, so we will see. He’s been here long enough to know whether he can push Gundy outa the way when he needs to.