OSU Getting Several Top-Five Votes in AP Poll, Three Voters Put Pokes No. 4

Well I think most would not say rattler. And I said besides Williams. So the league is one dimensional all thur it. U just made it clear why the defense is do so great.

Would you rather have Rattler or Sanders taking the snaps for OSU right now?

Sanders that’s easy rattler at norman idiot. He be tired taking a bus ever day

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U say stupid stuff again.if rattler is have problems with ou offensive team u think he would do better with are players

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So you would rather have Sanders throwing the ball than Rattler?

Well if rattler has a better line better reciever better oc better hc and sucks so yes I would rather have Sanders.

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Well, Tay Martin dropped a sure TD pass in the end zone. I believe Owens dropped a pass as well. That doesn’t make the offense perfect but sure looks better. If Martin catches that pass then it’s tied 17-17 at halftime….


Lotta negativity on here. :roll_eyes:

That’s a majority of what you’ll see on here, and if we lose they’ll be praising theirselves that they were right. The Gundy hate is BIG around here

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Did Tay Martin throw the interception? It goes for the whole offense that they just are not that good. All around the board.

No Martin plays Wide Receiver. He usually catches the passes. He’s the bottle cap.

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The passes he dropped were good passes

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