OSU Getting Several Top-Five Votes in AP Poll, Three Voters Put Pokes No. 4

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OSU is ranked as high as No. 4 and as low as No. 15.

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Just keep winning…I don’t think we could crack the top 4 even if we won out. Without an offense they wouldn’t put us there.


I’m not sure why people get in a hurry about polls.
First we got to win out. We do that we will have 5 top 25 wins 2 being in the 10. So at worst we would be 5. The big ten teams will all be gone but 1. We may be left out but I doubt it.

We arnt winning out. We have to play ou twice IF we win the rest. This offense just isn’t good enough. We will loose because of this wretched offense. When we play ou at the end of the year and if our defense isn’t as good one game we will get run out of the building. But like most years ou gets better as the year goes on and nothing has changed this year. We could have easily lost the last two games but got through them. If gundy can’t get this offense any better and why should we think he can because he has said he dosent know how to fix it so who else is going to fix it, then we will take a loss or two by the end of the conference play. Defense wins championships but having no offense with the defense you would need george’s offense played in the big 12 and we don’t have that.

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:arrow_up: this right here. You guys are essentially asking the defense to play a great game every single time. There is going to be a time where we give up over 30 points and our putrid offense won’t be reliable enough to mount any kind of comeback.

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Like I told you, u will be there telling us all about it. So until this happen u could keep ur fantasy to urself.

Explain yourself. You can’t, and that’s why you won’t answer the question.

Who is George?

It’s all perspective, in 2017 we scored 52 in bedlam and still lost.
47 in 2018 and lost
48 in 2012 and lost.

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I’m serious!!! PFB should write an article comparing the 2013 team to this current team.

Chelf wasn’t an all-conference QB and Josh Stewart was the best WR that didn’t even get drafted. We were also under a first year OC. We didn’t have a single person on offense drafted that year.

So why are we struggling so bad on offense with two potential draft picks under a second year OC? I would even say that this defense looks like it will be even better than 2013 also. Jeff is right. The potential is there for this defense to be wasted because of a putrid offense.

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Okay….so how good was the defense in 2012 and 2017, 2018?

U know that defense waste our offense in 2018, by only playing half the field. And u know the were 95th.

I know…and now Gundy and his offensive coaching staff are returning the favor to Jim Knowles and all the hard work him and his players have put in to try and win a Big 12 championship.

One big difference. The defense cost us 4 games. As of yet we have already match their win total during regular season. So yea it would have been nice if the 2018 defense was as good as this years offense.

Not sure about 2012, but they gave up 51 to Ou, so it wasn’t that good. The 2017 & 2018 weren’t that good either. That’s kinda my point, we have not been able to have both a great offense and defense at the same time.

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I do love are defense. But besides Williams name some elite qb in this league this year.

What are you talking about? In 2013 we had a pretty good offense (39 ppg) and a defense that held opponents to 21 per game. We have been able to have a good offense and defense in the same year. So why is it different this year?

Why can’t we be 10 points better offensively every game? Why does it take three quarters before finally scoring a touchdown against a team that ranks 107th in total defense?

You’re just making excuses. The offense is a problem and everyone knows it. If they don’t start being much better than they are this team won’t go to Arlington. Get over it!!!

No I didn’t see any excuses.
I wanted to.know if there are any good qb in this league any more. I guess that is an excuse

Yeah….there is, and unfortunately they are both on OU’s roster.