OSU has the fastest fight song among Power 5 schools

Pretty fun project by the folks at 538.


Interesting. In their analysis, I’m not sure they used the full song… As they missed that we do have the cliches of “Win” “School Colors” and “Spelling Something Out” in Ride 'Em Cowboys.

Well, millenials want shorter game times. If faster fight songs contribute to that, good, then…?

(Sarcasm in case you can’t tell.)

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No we don’t, that’s not in Ride Em. The song that’s played is just the following lyrics:
Ride, ride, ride, ride,
Ride’em Cowboys,
Right down the field;
Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!
Fight’em Cowboys, and never yield.
Ride, ride, ride, ride,
Ride on, Cowboys, to victory;
Cross (opponent)'s goal;
Then we’ll sing O-kla-homa State!

We do have the OSU chant, but that’s not part of the song, it’s separate.


Anyone with me on a “let’s wave goodbye to the Waving Song” train? Pretty sure it is my least favorite tradition. When I was in school, I was not a big Pistol Pete fan. But that grew on me, and he’s a keeper. But I still don’t like the Waving Song.


Not with you at all on that one.

I also believe that OSU really needs to stop avoiding the awesomeness of “Never Been to Spain” and singing along to it. We can sing along to it and Friends in Low Places… Even though Places wasn’t written by an OSU grad like Spain was… And Waylon Jennings never played Friends in Low Places…


Never. We do that even at watch parties, and I don’t care how weird I look.


We wave where ever we are. Living room, walking to the fridge, in the car at a stoplight (yes, this happened) when we score a touchdown we wave.


What’s the issue with the wave?

@Alum_in_AZ, Alum, I think this could be documented proof of your first bad take! :face_with_monocle:


Well, snap poll results indicate I’m on an island with this one. :slight_smile:
I just never liked the waltzy song and the way that post-TD celebrations were cut off with the waving.

Would you be fine with a heavy metal rendition? Instead of “waltzy”?

I would be thrilled to hear an attempt at that!

It’s too bad OU’s isn’t the fastest (to ensure it ends quicker, of course).

An adaptive noise-cancellation application to run on streaming platforms could make some money in many households across the country, especially near Austin, Tulsa,… That’s my dream killer-app.

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I am temporarily changing my avatar to a real pic to fully own-up to my bad take on the Waving Song… :sunglasses:


BAHAHAHAHA, wonderful.

I think I had the exact same thought in a separate thread!

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I personally feel like it kills any momentum after a big play. Feels much more like a “we forced a punt song” to me. Even moving it to after the kick and letting the crowd stay hyped would be better IMO.

OAMC OAMC is what is referenced with the wave and tempo. Oklahoma Agricultural Mechanical college.

It’s tradition, but since it references an historical time prior to us becoming a university
I could certainly do without it in the 21st century. It isn’t a fight song and shouldn’t be used as such imo.