OSU Hoops Announces Nonconference Schedule for 2021-22 Season

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The Pokes have a stretch of four games in six days.

What r u trying to sell us. 3 of those "games " are not even a good practice. We should take students to fill in.
Only nine games only 1 that could fill the house and make money. 6 home game won’t make any money.

Yea not great but I like Florida and Xavier

Yea I like those two but only one is at home.

Mabee Center will be fun. Looking forward to playing Florida, Xavier, and NC State.

Pretty disappointed with this to be honest. Would’ve really sucked if we had gotten a bad SEC and Big East draw.

Gundy must have done that schedule

Insightful comment. F#cking dumbass.

Just saying out loud what u were thinking.

What a Thanksgiving weekend !

-Turkey at mom’s Thursday
-Hoops in Ttown Friday
-Bedlam in Stilly Saturday