OSU Hoops: Chris Harris Jr. Enters the Transfer Portal

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/osu-hoops-chris-harris-jr-enters-the-transfer-portal/

Harris is the sixth Cowboy to enter the portal this offseason.

Best of luck to the young man . Sure is a tough S O B


Not sure if this is news. But, if your bad guys are leave its something.
Just like Anderson on the football side. They were guys actually saying that was bad.

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Good luck to him but how do you keep playing after 3 ACL injuries on the same knee ? One is bad enough, three is a tread

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Boynton gets new life because of all these departures. With the bum knee of Harris, he would be a liability. Now Boynton has the opportunity to show if he can improve his recruiting results via the portal. If not, he is a goner after next season. Losing Cisse and Anderson was a killer.

It’s Mike Boynton’s farewell tour next season. Not much time to recruit when you have job applications to fill out.

He won’t need to fill out any applications. He’s getting paid whether he’s employed or not.