OSU Hoops: Cowboys Fifth Team Out of AP Preseason Top 25

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The Cowboys just missed the cut in the AP’s preseason Top 25.

Not surprised. It’s more a reflection of not having Cade on the team rather than the team this year. No worries. These polls are worthless anyways.

Only worthless till it comes to college football lol

You play way more games in basketball then you do football so…

Sooo what?

So sums remark is dumb

Please make an intelligent statement and spell “loser” right

Do you want me to explain it to you

Like a little two-year-old

Lol I’d love to hear your explanation

Ok little boy open your ears ok here we go. If you have a lot more games in the sport basketball then you have more time to climb in the polls which making the polls not matter vs football because you play very little games In which you don’t have time to make up in the polls

You get what jarrod is saying but you are to ignorant to comprehend so you say snarky remarks and look stupid lol

You love that?

U really kill me. I’m glad the have picture at McDonald, so u know what ur doing

Yo1 has nothing to say because he knows I’m right and here you come making yourself look dumb LOL. You have. Nothing to add on what i told your son yo1?

U do know in basketball they play home and away.
And truly I have no Idea what ur tring to say. I’m sure that’s why you isn’t saying anything

I’m literally dumber for attempting to read the garbage you write. Now if you wanted to say polls don’t matter in basketball because there is a 64 team tournament at the end of the year then you might’ve had a point.

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And maybe we’re not ranked in the preseason because people still have doubts on boyntons coaching abilities . I mean yeehaw look at all them 4 and 5 stars coming in boiii

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