OSU Hoops: Cowboys Headed to Spain for Exhibition Games

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The Cowboys are headed abroad this summer.

Well I’ve never been to Spain…

Quite the deal for a team that missed the tournament again…

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Seems like a long way to travel to miss free throws and commit countless turnovers. It seems like every OSU player is always trying out for the And1 tour when they are on the court. I keep waiting to see The Professor.

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Who’s footing the bill for this little trip? Who needs experience to run Mikes same old offense. Pass the ball around the perimeter a couple of times then jack up a three

This is good it gives more partice for a team

But I kinda like the music

Why do we have to spend all of that money to send a below average coach with a below average team across the big pond to practice??? Are the hoops bigger so they will shoot better? Is the freethrow line closer? Is the rim lower? It must be something. Otherwise this is just a free vacation for everyone.

I know you never played, so its ok lil guy.

This gets all the new guys, which is like everyone, time to learn and play together. Thanks for asking. I always here to teach.

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