OSU Hoops: Cowboys Picked T-5th in Big 12 Preseason Poll

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The Jayhawks are once again Big 12 favorites.

I think 4th is more reasonable. We have everyone except Cade and Ferron returning. Tech lost their coach and some guys I don’t understand why they’re picked ahead of us. Hope beard crashes and burns at Texass.


Big 12 going to be the best conference once again.

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I’m sorry dude.

Doesn’t matter, when we hang that big twelve championship banner it will feel a lot better

compared to the talent of the teams ranked above us I think fourth or fifth place sounds like a reasonable expectation. The Big 12 is expected to be that good. So fourth or fifth in this conference does not indicate a bad or even a mediocre team. With the difficult pre-conference schedule we will see before conference play how good this team is. On paper we have some talented transfers. Hard to believe it is almost time for basketball season.

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Let’s face it - in hoops, the Big 12 is one of the (if not THE) toughest conferences in the country. I look at who’s ranked above them, I have no argument with that list. Maybe, maybe they can finish ahead of Tech if they get some lucky breaks. We should also remember that it was only 2 years ago that we were being picked last or next-to-last, so this IS an improvement.

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I don’t usually remember where we finished in conference. Crazy to think we finished 5th last year and got a 4 seed in the NCAA tournament. Tough conference last year.

I feel like we belong ahead of WVU and Tech. Baylor has new young talent but they get the benefit of the doubt with winning the natty a year ago. Texas assembled some impressive transfers. Kansas has a great mix of returners and good portal players.

If our players have improved from a year ago, we are in the top 4 for certain. And if Thompson and Cisse realize their 5 star potential, we can be right in the mix at the top.

It’s all up to coaching