OSU Hoops: Matthew-Alexander Moncrieffe Enters Transfer Portal

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Moncrieffe averaged 4.2 points and 3.9 rebounds a game as a sophomore.

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Surprised it didn’t happen sooner.

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This was expected. M.A., as we all noticed, showed glimpses of potential, but he made some mistakes and was careless with the ball handling at times and played too up tempo, making him seem out of control. I think with good coaching he could develop into a productive player in a few years, but I guess he was not going to get enough playing time as a Cowboy.
A great opportunity to do more shopping via the portal.
My guess would be that if someone else enters the portal it will be Rondell Walker.
It’s all good.

sO mUcH fOr CoWbOy CuLtUrE

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Wish him well and good luck. Maybe he’ll land with a program that uses a round basketball. Seemed pretty obvious every time he dribbled here the ball was egg-shaped.


I hope not. I love Rondel’s game. He’s going to be the next Tony Allen before he’s done in Stilly!

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With Boynton letting him do whatever he wanted with the ball, i’m glad he’s going. We need a post player. Not some wannabe guard who can’t dribble.

Wish him well and best of luck to him.

Hope he learns to dribble…

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He seemed to be a good person, obviously has talent but I’m pretty sure there will be fewer turnovers after his departure. Best of luck

Always seemed to a bit slow and over rated on his athleticism from day one. Didn’t seem very explosive and had a hard time with handles. Good luck to him down the road.

Another guy who didn’t improve. Wasn’t he going to play some point guard. Boynton must not seen the dribbling.

I hope boynton is not think higher recruits are better. Cissy is not a offensive machine and we did worse on broads this year.
I’m not worried about recruits until he runs a real offense.