OSU Hoops Star Avery Anderson Transferring to TCU

Originally published at: OSU Hoops Star Avery Anderson Transferring to TCU | Pistols Firing

TCU lands OSU’s second-leading scorer from last season.

Not ideal


At least we’ll get to see him have fun :sob:

I know a lot of people are upset that he’s leaving and especially going to TCU. But to be honest what kind of a success did we have with him here. His best year was when Cade was here.

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Can’t figure this out , the frogs got a highly rated point guard commit just a few dates ago :thinking:

He picked a team that he feels will make the tournament and that he will get meaningful minutes but maybe not as a starter. He was going to have a hard time finding a tournament team he will start for.

I mean he also gets to go play with a former teammate in Rondel Walker. Assuming Walker hasn’t already left or is in the portal already (im terrible with keeping up with it), that could have been a draw along with it being a better coached team.