OSU in Familiar Territory as Bedlam Underdog

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A look at the history of recent Bedlam point spreads.

“OU’s defense has faced the four worst offenses in the league their last four games!!”

This is the argument that is made for OU’s recent success.

If the players don’t find a way to screw this game up then Gundy will. I’m sure we’ll give OU the ball in the red zone, allow a punt or kick return for a touchdown, we’ll run the ball up the middle to settle for a FG, make the defense defend 15 offensive drives or more.

I’m sure the OSU offense that scored 13 points to a defense that gave up nearly 40 to WV and has looked craptastic all season long is all of a sudden going to play a turnover free and consistent offensive game scoring 40 points or more. I can see Gundy going for the throat and not running the ball 50 times behind 3rd string offensive lineman.”

Joe, if I felt the way you do about Gundy and the team, I would just stop being a fan and focus on something more positive. It takes a lot of effort to be this negative. Why put yourself, and the rest of us, through it? Just curious.


Because nothing will change if you don’t. You have to have balls. You have to be willing to put everything on the line to seek change for improvement.

Most OSU fans want improvement and it’s not been there since 2011. I think it’s time for a change and we need a younger coach that’s hungry to win and doesn’t expect pay raises for stagnant or decreased results.

Pretty sure that your balls have nothing to do with this. The folks that are actually risking their balls are Holder and big money donners like Mr. Pickens. I suspect that Mr. Holder takes a good look at programs like Texas and Florida State that had coaching changes and are still paying the price. Add to that, we are not Texas or Florida State that are/were blueblood programs. Gundy has a top 15 program and you are bitching about it. That is your right but it just sounds like mindless griping to me.

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A top 15 program? He’s in his 16th season.

He’s finished in the top 15 four times and the top 25 a total of six times in 16 seasons. So how does that constitute to being a top 15 program? I suggest you pay better attention to the end result.

I may add he’s finished in the top 10 once in the 16 seasons he’s been here. If your okay with that then that’s your opinion. I’m just saying most OSU fans expect a better result with all the money that donors like Boone have given athletic department and expect just a few more than two wins in 16 seasons against OU. Probably at least one more conference title as well.

You have to stop being scared of change and try to embrace it. It’s people like you that become the problem. You are so used to the Gundy end result that you just accept it. You don’t have to and you shouldn’t accept it for a coach getting top 15 pay as a college coach.

A top 15 program can consistently stay in the top 15 for consecutive years. They don’t have to build up 2-3 star recruits for three seasons just to crack the top 25.

Joe not sure what’s go in ur life, many when bad things happen people obsess on things they cant control. Va cowboy has said good things, you come back with things u have repeatedly say, that is what we talking about. We would all love more but it’s just not as bad as u make it out to be.

Is anything I said not true?

It does not matter in truth or lies. After telling us 100 times it’s called obsessive.

I love how y’all are just fine if you finish in the top half of the conference. Well maybe Joe wants more for the program than "I’m 40, I’m a man " rant or a coach’s dumb a$$ 80’s style haircut or his star running back insinuating he’s a racist. Which is the only thing they’ve been in the news for.

Ar1 u have problems too. I’ve listen too u. And its obsessive. Both u and joe. Their are guys who don’t like Gundy but still can talk about good things or at least other things.

Apparently you guys need to be told 100 times. Otherwise we’ll still have Gundy 10 years from now with a 2-24 record against OU and still only one conference title.

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I have an idea. You put on your OANN tee shirt and comb your mullet while screaming “I’m a man, I’m 40” and I’ll keep trying to get a coach that can win the conference.

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Look talking about I’m mullet and Hubbard not helping u out. 50% of boys and girls had some type of mullet. He grow back because of deal with his son cool. Everyone who speaks about a mullet in a bad way r themselves racist. The reporter who wrote the reid story was making racist statements and today statements refer reid as a snowflake. When said I’m a man I was behind him and still am. Even though it was just for a 2nd string qb. Hubbard what do I need to say nothing. I’m sorry for Hubbard, watch what u say son.

I know ur a ou troll just backs it up more by ur racist statements. We know ou is a racist college.

I’m almost 100% sure u and joe r the same person. Using two names to like yourselves.

I think Gundy should create a contract with his players. He will shave his head if he wins against OU at least one more time, and he’ll wear an MSNBC shirt if he wins the conference title. Let’s see how that works out.

Only a racist would want those things. I guarantee u the team does not have ur feelings. Only ou racist trolls

Joe ( ari being the same person) u say u r osu fan then ur a sad obsessive person. But I believe ur a sad obsessive racist ou troll enough said.

I tell you what, you come down to Eskimo Joe’s Saturday with your OANN tee shirt and mullet and I’ll buy you some cheese fries. There, all better now?