OSU in Good Shape in Big 12 Recruiting Rankings After Decommitment Wave

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OSU is right in the middle of the pack in the Big 12 recruiting rankings.

And that is good???!

so essentially we will get 2-3 more in this class and finish prolly ranked 55 or 60 in recruiting.

Jesse!!! Why are you asking that question? You should know of all people that middle of the pack recruiting rankings in the conference and finishing anywhere from 35th to 55th nationally in recruiting is the path to winning conference titles and making college football playoff appearances.

Gundy’s staff does a great job of developing talent. However, long overdue is the time to start “swinging for the fences” when it comes to recruits! Please, for the love of Rudy, take a page out of Boynton’s or John Smith’s playbook, and go after some big guns in order to be more competitive with the blue bloods of college football!

Exactly!!! That’s the difference between Gundy’s recruits and other recruits. Most of the time the other team has better recruits and equally or better developed talent. Which results in Gundy sometimes playing close games against blue bloods but ultimately losing to them.

They tell you in the Army to “suck it up and drive on”. Maybe Sam should do the same. Amazing to me how many crybabies are out there that are older than me or can’t simply handle any adversity in any shape or form. Then these same people wait a decade or longer before even saying anything about it.