OSU in Great Position With Five-star Recruit Anthony Black

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OSU is in on a big-time name from Texas.

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Would be a nice get. Just need the fraud asss NCAA to close our case in our favor. Ridiculous there has still not been a ruling.


It needs to be over. It can have ripple effects on the program to remain in limbo. It already has. The NCAA is a joke.

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This chit doesn’t happen to gundy he is a man.

Robert, that is your best post yet, very funny and clever. Not sure about spelling of that last word of mine.

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What does this even mean Roberto? Aren’t you one of the people that complains about every thread being about gundy? Moron.

If we get Black that would be really special having 3 five star guys on the same team. Helps us keep up with the bluebloods. It could change the face of Cowboy basketball if that trio results in a spectacular 2022 season for the team. No limits to what Boynton is capable of as a recruiter. But on my wish list I still would like to see a New York City super star head to Stillwater.

Would it be better to have 3 5 star players on the team instead of having the current two in the NBA next year though? I feel like it would be better for the program for those two to get drafted decently high.

Why do you want a recruit from NYC? Better high school ball is now being played in the State of Texas.

Have we got scholarship cleared up last I knew we had 1 and 1 recruit already

I can talk about gundy on all threads not the stooges.
I know I was talking about ur boy, but u still need to under stand a joke. Even a guy who graduated in the 60’s got it some what. What am I think ur still in jr high

Maybe if you could write a complete thought and sentence I might’ve seen the comedic genius in your post.

So ur not as smart as other. U will mature. U got 4 more years till college

Funny guy Roberto.

I try my best. With a bunch of debbie downs running free, it’s premount to keep the norms smiling.
How are we adding guys with no scholarships.

If anyone cares the men’s and women’s golf teams played in a match play with top team.
Girls won in the finals. Boys dropped their match to ou in the finals.