OSU in Top Six Schools for ETSU Transfer Damari Monsanto

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/osu-in-top-six-schools-for-etsu-transfer-damari-monsanto/

The Pokes are in the mix for a talented scorer from the mid-major level.

If the Wake Forest connection does not seal the deal, I think if the kid is looking to play at the best school of those listed in the article, then it would be between OSU and Arkansas. Arkansas is a better team than the Cowboys but I think we beat them this season. He would get more playing time at OSU. His numbers are OK but not great. We need someone who is a great player. Flavors did the team a favor by not wanting to come back.

Looks like the kid is a solid rebounder. He had a nice stretch of 13 games where he averaged 17ppg and 5 straight of those of averaging over 20ppg. However he finished the last 7 games averaging 8ppg. Its hard to gauge a person that does good on crappy team. Since he’s only a freshman, he looks like a quality player that could have instant success on our team.