OSU is a 5-Point Underdog vs. Boise State in Week 3

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OSU is 4-4 as away dogs since 2015.

This could be a good thing. This team needs to feel disrespected so that they can respond to that challenge.

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Of my 10,000 vices, gambling isn’t one of them…

But, IF I did gamble, I would bet the house on Boise State to cover this weekend.

Talk about feeling disrespected…Boise State had a strong case for an invitation to the Big XII but got nothing.


Boise won’t only win, but will also cover. This team won’t be able to fix what they currently are in less than a week. We know this because they have a head coach that prepared for Bedlam last year like he was playing Kansas. No faith left in MG to fix anything. Only to make it worse.

Boise 24 OSU 13


This might be a turning point for both Gundy and Dunn. They know what the problem is…bad play calling…they don’t trust the QB to change the called play once he has seen the defense…the OL is still having problems blocking for the run game…etc.

They will have had two weeks to fix the problem. The Tulsa game showed that they did nothing in the first week that changed the problem. This will be the end of the second week. If nothing has changed, Boise is going to kick our A – --. Not an endorsement for keeping either Gundy or Dunn (who, after more than a year on the job, has not shown much to endorse him as the OC.)


Surprised it’s only 5


That means their not excited about the smurf turf either.

Just want to say I feel good about it.

When we lose by 3 it will hurt u?

I’m with you. After watching both teams first two games, I think they easily take us by double digits.


Are you kidding me? This could be the year I’ve been praying for.

What u lose lots of money and gundy stays.

I’m thinking by the end of the season, I might be feeding cows out of a "King Ranch ".

Jug u can’t feed a king ranch hay

Big bluestem and Indian taller than big country, who needs hay.

If u can get a king ranch to eat it then go for it.
I would hate to so u strand in the middle of that tall grass.

Why is OSU playing in Idaho this weekend when that state has a huge outbreak of COVID-19, no ICU or other hospital beds & presents a clear & present danger to our student athletes, coaches & axillary staff?