OSU Is Improbably (?) Slowing the Pace on Offense ... and It's Working

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OSU has become … Army? A SEC team?

This I think is another example of how Gundy, when you really look back on it, is out in front of the curve in terms of football trends. It is what has kept Oklahoma State competitive in the world when LSU, Alabama, & the NFL finally start playing spread…

Which way does the pendulum swing in advance of all those trends?

If we look back, Gundy & his teams seem to be “innovative” more often than not.

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So this is Gundy adapting and changing which something retractors have complained about most…he is looking at what the team is as a whole and having the team work towards their strengths?

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This looks like something Gundy has been trying to do for the last three or four years, maybe more . Something many of us questioned after seeing handoff after handoff of justice trying to run it up the middle to no avail. This was probably something that they had been working on all summer when everyone was healthy and practicing against the second teamers on D then when The season started and injury bugs bit we were stuck with our scheme . It’s been clear that we needed to give the D longer breaks and was something we’ve been trying to address but things just didn’t work out that way for us until recently .

I think I agree with this @Cwby86. Maybe it’s all coincidental, but I think maybe it hasn’t been. Gundy has gone double birds to all of us since the Baylor loss a month ago.

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Yeah, your average Gundy-hater will never give him credit for this. I find it weird to watch, just because it’s not our “normal” personality. But…I do like watching wins!!


I’m getting more and more excited for bedlam. Watching that defense in Norman and their problems with speed to the outside and Charlie Brewer running all over them with gundy’s new offensive gameplan. Just hope gundy doesn’t wear his brown pants to the game.

I think the biggest reason for the slower pace is the QB. They are trying to give SS more time to process information. I think the pace will pick up as he matures as a QB.

Looks to me exactly like the 2007-2009 oSu offense that Gundy ran before Holder and Pickens forced the Holgy hire. I would argue the stats imply the opposite of your position. LSU has become more competitive moving towards a spread offense from their slowed down approach. The only teams beating Bama are running the spread which is why IMO Bama wanted pace of play slowed down under the guise of player safety.

My issue isn’t with the change in approach. My issue is it takes more talent to win playing conservative. OU won NC running the spread under Leach and Mangino. Got away from it under Heupel and won less. Hired Riley to run the spread and it took less than two years to let Bob know it was time for him to retire.