OSU-Kansas Game Thread

Our staff won’t be hanging out here because we’ll be in the PFB+ game thread, but we encourage much hollering and Chuba chatting.

We’re doomed. Both Corso and Herbstreit picked OSU.

They would be foolish to pick Kansas… EVER. However, yes, we are doomed.

So far so good. Hope Gundy keeps his boot on their throat. The boys need to get a good whompin in.


Okay defense, gotta step up. That punt was terrible.


What is this with the defense saving us? Unreal.

Nice stop. We needed it

I can’t get over these threads. The pants are unbelievably good. Would wear a pair in my shed.


She shed?

Ha! Sorry, couldn’t help it

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Chuba with the catch out of the backfield…yes please!!!

Pokes win the uniform national championship today


I love playing “Tell me something good” during the review :joy:

How did he miss that?

Because the announcer jinxed it

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We are starting to let their defense build up some confidence. Plus went for it on one 4th down but not the next so we weren’t really committed to scoring on that drive. And the punter is not having a good day.

This is starting to feel like one of those games where the offense is going to go flat and so far the D is keeping us in it. But then they’ll give up a couple big plays and it’ll be tighter than what it should be. I hope they decide to commit to scoring this drive. Break out some good stuff.

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Was that drive more to your liking?

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I agree. Watching a game with a converted OSU buddy, and he said “Ugh those pants look like LuLu Lemon pants” I promptly ejected him from the game and sent him home.

The pants are legit awesome!


Whats with the game clock?

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