OSU Leapfrogs OU in College Football Playoff Rankings, Moves to No. 9

You didn’t pick us to go undefeated. There is no way in hell you thought this team would go undefeated.

You picked us 5th in conference because to quote you and your cock buddy ar1 “Gundy is average recruits 5th every year and this where he’ll be” while y’all ask your momma for Cookies and milk and scream at people for believing Kyle RIttenhouse is innocent

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That’s not up to me to decide. That’s up to the jury and judge. I would need to do a thorough review of the facts first before commenting on his case.

I did pick us 5th though. So let me ask you guys a question. Did the first three games make you extremely confident this team was going to possibly head into Bedlam 10-1?

Pretty simple to decide.

You picked this before those games so what’s your point. Please just for once be truthful and admit that you don’t like Gundy in general. It’s simple

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And if you were an actual libertarian you would be appalled at the fact this even went to trial. So I guess you don’t believe in less government

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Just answer the question Yo. Did you think after barely getting by Missouri State, Tulsa, and Boise that this team was going to be any better than 5th?

I’m not inside the courtroom and I don’t get to see everything that’s been presented to the judge or the jury. I don’t go off strictly what the media tells me. Also, in what context does the Rittenhouse trial have to do with less government?

I had no idea. I’ll tell ya what I didn’t do. Didn’t get on any social media platform, over react , and call for our head coach to be fired and replaced after those games.

You have access to everything the judge and jury has seen and heard.

I did pick them going undefeated. And after those 3 close wins I was not changed. I knew we had injuries.
I also talked about ou and Texas defenses not being better by losing their play makers on their d line. Plus Texas losing their qb.
We still my not go to the title game. But it’s been a good year.

No we do not.

I was calling for our head coach to be fired since 2014 and I believe that we would have 2 or 3 more conference titles if he had.

The 2 or 3 conference titles is just as much of a possibility as turning into Nebraska. Heck besides the 2 or 3 conference titles throw in a Heisman trophy recipient.

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So how would have been this heisman trophy winner.
No guarantee that u would be rite.
Alot of these things u talk about r in ur own mind.
No matter who would coach lack of depth and injuries happen. One reason we r doing so good this year is we have depth and r injuries happened early.
U guys always like to pick one play or something.
I have yet to find a coach in hindsight I agreed 100% with.
When I point out bone head calls by other coaches u guys ignore me.
I dnt care how long u have been crying it was pointless then and now.

Your always pointing to injuries.

  • 2013 we had no significant injuries and lost to OU for a chance at our second conference title. Because we tried to Pat Jones our way to victory.

  • 2015 we had a chance for our second conference title. Rudolph is forced to play injured behind an OL that wasn’t good enough to block Central Arkansas that year. Besides Rudolph we had no significant injuries. Looks like we should’ve improved our recruiting for the OL.

  • 2016 we are tied and decide to kneel the ball at the 50 going into halftime. We get outscored 21-3 in the second half, and lost to OU for another chance for the Big 12 title. We had no significant injuries in that game. We tried to Pat Jones our way to victory.

  • 2017 we intercept the ball get to the 25 yard line, and deliver the good ole poke choke against one of the historically worse defenses OU has had in their history.

  • 2020 we game planned like we were ready for Kansas. Then found ourselves at a point of no return. Then our coach in all his wisdom thought we could win the game by punting it back to the other team being down 21 with 12 minutes left.

So what are some of the common factors here besides very few injuries? The factors come down to recruiting and coaching. Besides 2020 there is no other year during the Gundy era where injuries can be used as a significant turning point when it comes to Bedlam.

Gundy has been known to try and Pat Jones his way to victory against OU. That was very evident in 2013, 2015, and 2016. You talk about not having depth. Which is why I’m so persistent in recruiting better players. If you want quality depth you have to be willing to go after quality players.

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I’m sorry for u loss. Gundy still here and u will still cry.

I do like ur reality mason was hurt. No other injuries.
Roll that thought thur ur head a couple of times.

What injuries are good injuries or dnt count!!!
U never stop amazing me.

Maybe you can explain 2013 and 2016 then. What is the one common factor both of those years?

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Joe I do not know what u want from me. I know u haven’t noticed I dnt answer u as much.

U and ur sugar daddy jug go on and on. What happened to ur other buddies.

I know ur into coach talk. What riley has been saying this year about his oline is almost word for word what gundy had said. The deal is our oline has gotten better.

We have moved guys around. Sills didn’t play in the tcu game. We still ran behind his back up Williams. Danny went down, we replaced him.

I point something out like an injured qb is a big deal u ignore and deflect.

I can never prove anything because u dnt want to hear it. U and jug have some fantasy world u live in.

In 2013 and 2014 the most talked about offensive coordinator in college football was Lincoln Riley but instead of going after him as our new head coach we chose to let unsuccessful except for one fluke season go hire someone from Shippensburg to come lead us to more mediocrity.

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