OSU Leapfrogs OU in College Football Playoff Rankings, Moves to No. 9

Well jug I didn’t know we were hiring a hc then. This season isn’t over. Riley still hasn’t proven he will beat anybody this year. He has recruited better but is making a slide down hill. I have never seen an ou team win but loss spots in the polls he did it twice in the same season. This was a natty and heisman year. He has a great shot of not even making the big 12 title game.

OU is 6-0 against Gundy since Riley got there, I don’t expect anyone to be prefect perfect but Riley seems to start well.

Joe’s right, I just wonder which version of Pat Jones we will get in Bedlam this year.

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2018 should have been a loss.
But go to sleep dreaming of riley I happy for u.

I have my coach and u haven’t

When riley loses these last 2 games will u still feel the same.
If we lose out I will still be happy it’ll be 2 spots higher then everyone thought

Riley for the first time needs to win. It’s alot different

I guess you slept through the John Blake years then.

I guess we should’ve recruited a better QB that can make an accurate 10 yard throw to one of the best wide outs to ever play at OSU. Or if we had any imagination offensively roll out and throw to the opposite end.

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Last year OU went into the conference championship game #12 going against #8 Iowa State, I think they needed to win.

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Because they already lost.

501 yards Joey. Between ur DC and the kicker they made sure 501 yards was not enough.
But thinks for trying to play the deflect game. Ur prize is. Wait for it. :poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop:

Look Joey, you made Robert cry.

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Thats funny here I’m feeling sorry for u 2 and u think I’m crying. Let me dry ur eyes. Those r ur :cry:.

Wouldn’t it be great to get to hear the pre game speeches by both coaches in Bedlam?

" I’ve never lost to that piece of chit since I’ve been here and don’t expect to start now. So get out there and remind him who he is. "

"If by some freak way we win this, I plan to dance in the locker room and make it all about me. "

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Yes you do dude lord lol it’s been publicly televised

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And failed when it came down to crunch time.

Yes ur rite the kicker got tired of kicking

Being publicly televised is different than being on the inside. We don’t know what both attorneys are saying to the judge when not on camera.

Yep…blame everyone except the CEO.

So ur saying Matt missing an extra point didn’t lose the game. But corndog did. Yes Joey u r a sad lil gurl who wants striff so to talk to guys.

We had a chance to tie it. We went for two, and we didn’t get it. I never said the kicker didn’t screw up.

If the kicker " made an extra point". We would not have had to try to go for 2 to win it. Plus u were happy we did.